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Here are just a few of the ways The Chamber works for the good of your business and the good of our community:


  • The Chamber Keeps You Informed… on issues vital to business via monthly events, the Pier Review, weekly Chamber Preview emails, special publications, special alert emails and our website.


  • The Chamber Is Your Salesperson… all year long as we direct people and organizations to your goods, services and our special events. We promote Huntington Beach to the rest of the state, country and internationally via our Community Profile & Membership Guide, as well as listings on our web site.


  • The Chamber Answers Your Mail…by responding to thousands of requests for information about Huntington Beach. Our Relocation Packet is the perfect opportunity to reach customers new to the area who are looking for your products and services. We only refer Chamber member businesses.


  • The Chamber Fights To Reduce Regulations…when we represent the business community on city, county and state issues. Hundreds of hours are spent each year considering or deciding issues that directly or indirectly affect you and your business.To become a part of the Action join our Legislative and Policy Action Team today!


  • The Chamber Helps To Build Your Future…by involving participants from an array of professions in many hours of planning and working to shape the future of the Huntington Beach Area. It is essential that business people have a vehicle to work through to get results. The Chamber is that vehicle.


  • The Chamber Handles Your Research…when we study issues such as power, job growth, air quality, ballot measures and much more.